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When your quilt for two
just won’t do,
try a 3 Way Duvet.

It’s not King size, it’s Fling size.


It’s not King size,
it’s Fling size!

Sometimes there just isn’t enough duvet to go around. When you’re expecting a guest (or two), be a good host and upgrade to a 3 Way Duvet.

Queen size: 90” Wide x 90” Long
King size: 104” Wide x 90” Long
Fling size (fits a Queen bed): 104” Wide x 90” Long

The 3 Way Duvet is the only duvet that is “Fling size” – okay, it’s literally the same as a standard King but made for a Queen (or 3). ;)

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$69 for a ‘Fling size’ 3 Way Duvet

(Only $23 per person. Ask about our ‘Split the Bill’ payment plan)

The 3 Way Duvet is a thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved two. Nothing says “I love you both.” like the delicious comfort of quality bedding.

One Size Fits Many
3+ Adults


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